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For instructors and community organizers using the book to teach on higher education, we have provided the below resources which you can use and build upon. Please join the member community if you would like to share how you adapted the resources and to build community with other educators.

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Discussion/ActivityNumber of ParticipantsDuration
Open Discussion
1. What do you think the role of the university ought to be in society?
2. Forty years ago, the university served as a site of resistance in the U.S. Is it still a site of resistance? Why or why not?
3. How has neoliberalism undermined the transformative potential of the university and how can this be undone?
Mission Statement Exercise
adapted from

Participants will write a mission statement of their version of a Decolonial University.

A mission statement defines the collaborative group’s purpose according to what it will do and why, as well as who will be served.
The purpose of a collaborative group’s mission statement is to relate:
• WHAT is going to be done
• WHY it is done
• WHO is going to be served

Mission Statements
• Should be no more than a paragraph—the shorter the better.
• Are a useful tool to measure potential new directions against—“Is this in keeping with our mission?”
• Show that different collaborative groups and organizations may have the same/similar
mission statements.

Step 1
Each person take a few minutes to individually answer the following questions from their personal perspective:
1. Our university will do what (action)?
2. For whom (who do we serve?)
3. So that (result of our action)

Step 2
After writing individual answers, discuss as a full group. Have someone record the answers on a flip chart.
Please take about 10-15 minutes to do Step #2 and don’t forget to designate a recorder!

Step 3 (if needed):
Get a commitment from small sub-group (no more than 2-4 people) to develop a draft mission statement from the information generated for review at a later time by the full group. This can be the same sub-group drafting vision statement or a different group.